Planting week in review

I am writing this as I plant this evening, on a phone, as the tractor steers itself across the field. Gotta love modern technology!

Planting started this past Tuesday afternoon on our farm, about 3 weeks later than we would normally start. Things went pretty well for the first day, no major issues, got things set and working.

On Wednesday, I covered a lot of acres with the planter I run, but dad had a steering valve that is part of the guidance installation go bad on his tractor, he couldn’t disengage the guidance by turning the steering wheel. Our dealer was quick to respond and he was back planting in 2 1/2 hours.

When Thursday rolled around, myself and our Monsanto agronomist put in a stage 4 commercial corn variety plot for Monsanto. These plots are the last stage of evaluation for varieties to decide if they will be released the following year. She (agronomist) was great to work with and we knocked it out in a little over 2 hours. Later in the day, we had to deal with some passing showers, but were able to keep running.

Today it was my turn for mechanical issues. Started the day with a hydraulic system issue with the planter. Turned out to be a broken coupler. Simple fix, but was the last thing I checked, of course. Then, when I finally got going, part of the frame on my planter broke, so had to run back to the shop and grab the portable welder and accessories and spend a couple of hours working on the planter. I was a little worried about damaging the electronics on the planter, but took some precautions (basically unhooking all of the wiring) and luckily had no problems.

That’s the highlights for the week. With some luck with the weather (as I write this, there are chances for rain tonight and tomorrow) we should finish corn on Sunday.

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there!

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One Response to Planting week in review

  1. I think it is awesome how much work can be done from a tractor because 1. it “drives” itself, and 2. because of new technology like smartphones. I hope rest of your planting goes great, and thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

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