Animal abuse: Never acceptable

After viewing the Mercy for Animals video this morning, I was disgusted and outraged that someone would treat animals that way.  It is in NO WAY excusable treat animals the way they were treated in that video, and I will not defend someone for doing that.

I personally do not raise livestock,  except for a few sheep off and on.  When I was a kid my father and grandfather raised cattle and hogs, but exited those businesses 30 years ago.  However, I, like all farmers and ranchers need to speak out against atrocities like this and let the general public know this is NOT the way animals are treated on 99% of livestock operations in this country, nor do we tolerate it if we know of a producer who did treat animals this way.

Please, don’t form an opinion about livestock care in the United States based on one or two videos you might see on TV or the Internet.  Take the time to connect with a livestock producer.  Social media and the Internet are good resources to research ALL sides of the animal abuse story.  Here are a few that I know that practice humane animal production and will share what they do with anyone who asks.

Ryan Goodman

Ray-Lin Dairy

Zweber Farms

Jeff Fowle

Consumers, PLEASE take the time to become informed about how livestock is really treated on farms and ranches across the country.  Farmers and ranchers who don’t raise livestock, take the time to become informed also and speak out against animal abuse, because it affects each and every one of us!

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6 Responses to Animal abuse: Never acceptable

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  6. dralien says:

    Unfortunately what we saw was two animals mistreating, torturing and killing innocent calves. Disgusting.

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