What I think of GMO crops


First of all, I plant GMO crops, and will continue to do so, because I believe them to be safe, so here are some facts to consider about GMO products.  A GMO product typically is a plant that has been genetically modified to improve that product by adding a desirable trait from one plant to another.  This used to be done through breeding programs, but this would take as many as 9 years to reach the desired outcome.  Technology has allowed plant breeders to more accurately and efficiently complete the process through gene insertion.  This allows new products to be developed much faster than through standard breeding programs.

GMO products help farmers take better care of the environment as well.  Since many GMO crops were developed to protect them from insects, diseases, or weed infestations, farmers no longer have to apply as many pesticides to protect crops from these pests.  This provides greater protection to wildlife, water supply, and human beings. GMO crops that are tolerant to Glyphosate add further benefit because Glyphosate is a general use pesticide that has NO soil activity, as it is a contact killer, therefore is unlikely to enter sources of water, unlike some of the pesticides that were used in the past.  By the way, Glyphosate is a product that is widely used by homowners to control weeds in their lawn.  Another environmental benefit of herbicide-tolerant crops is that they allow farmers to do less tillage, which reduces soil erosion as well.

GMO products are regulated by not only the USDA, but the FDA and the EPA as well and have to undergo a very stringent approval process not only in the United States, but worldwide, where approval and acceptance has taken a long time in come countries, but has become approved throughout much of the world.  That tells me that thousands of highly qualified scientists have studied and reviewed these crops and have given their approval, sounds relatively safe to me.

As I sit here, I begin to think of the many things that GMO crops could be used for.  Not only to help feed the exploding world population, but who knows, maybe someday GMO crops will be grown that will provide medicine, maybe even certain crops that have high incidences of food allergies can be modified so that they are safe for everyone to eat.  The sky is the limit!

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2 Responses to What I think of GMO crops

  1. Pete says:

    IT’S SO SAD THAT YOU ARE THAT MISINFORMED! As a dairy farmer i have seen the damage GMO’S can do not only to the cows but to the soil please for your own sake and the people you feed do some research!

    • uigrad92 says:

      We will have to agree to disagree. I have researched GMO’S and believe that the science supports continued use of GMO’S. If and when GMO’S are soundly proven to be harmful, then I will discontinue using them on my farm.

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